I met your daddy last night, Ayda! -2

I like this work very much. It's a comic strip on a movie named 'Dishab babato didam, Ayda' (means 'I met your daddy last night, Ayda!') directed by a famous Iranian movie maker Rasoul SadrAmeli and was one of the movies participating in Iran Cinema Competition in 23rd Fajr film festival 2005.
The movie tells a story of a girl named Ayda. One day Ayda's friend tells her that she has met Ayda's father with a woman; not her mother. At first Ayda doesn't believe it but after some days she tries to find out her dad's mystery.

I drew this comic strip before watching the movie in festival and the story of this work is not exactly similar to the original movie.
This comic strip was published in special issue of Bacheha Golagha weekly on Fajr film festival, February 2005.

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