Iranian Cinema

This comic strip had a long way to be published! At first I did it in two pages and more frames for an unborn comic magazine named 'Parasite' but the magazine never get published. So I decided to prepare it special issue of Jam-e-Jam daily for New Year (norouz). But Daily's managers decided to publish their special issue in fewer pages, so this work didn't published again and another comic strip of mine was chosen.
At least, after about two months I edited and colored it (the first version was in black and white for Parasite) for Bacheha Golagha and fortunately it was published April 2005.

It's about some kind of movies and genres in Iranian version of cinema which is not similar to American or European one. For example in Iran, we have a new born genre in cinema named 'Managera' that the movies of this kind should lead to heaven! As a cinema lover, I can not tolerate about 90 percents of the movies belong to this genre!