His Toys

This work is a comic review on 'Toy Story 2'; a 3D animated movie by Pixar and Disney. The first part of this story was released 1995 and was on a boy named Andy who has a lot of toys. He likes Woody - a cowboy toy - more than the others, but one day Andy's mother gives him a new puppet; a spaceman named Buzz. Buzz becomes Andy's favorite toy and Woody tries to kill Buzz…
In the 2nd part there is no war between Woody and Buzz, but they have a new enemy; a toy man named Al who steals woody and tries to send it to a museum Japan.
Toy Story 2 was released 1999 and was the third movie by Pixar and Disney and directed by John Lasseter, the first film director. After this movie they made 'Monsters Inc.', 'Finding Nemo' and 'The Incredibles'. This summer the last pixar-disney animation will be released, its name is 'The Cars'.

This comic review was published in Iran Daily November 2004.