A fish, a big one

Big Fish is a shining and memorable movie by one of my favorite directors; Tim Burton who had made nice movies such as Edward Scissorhands and Batman. The story is based on a novel with the same name and is about a boy and his father. The boy's dad - named Edward Bloom - used to tell unbelievable stories and tales for everyone specially his son, but Will - the boy - does not believe them and calls his father 'Liar'.
Will goes to another city and does not meet his daddy for three years. One day his mother calls him and wants him to comeback home because the father is dying. Will returns home and remembers all of his father's fantasies, except one of them.

As I said this movie is directed by American director Tim Burton and Evan McGregor, Helena Bonham Carter, Billy Crudup, Albert Finney and DeVito have played the roles.
This comic review is on Big Fish and was published in Iran Daily march 2005.
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