Killing Bill

One of my favorite directors is Quentin Tarantino. He's a young American director that made his first movie - The Reservoir's Dogs - at the early of 90s and then made Pulp Fiction - that won the first prize of Cannes Festival - and after that he presented Jackie Brown. His movies are not similar to the others or classic films, they are so different. The characters, stories and scripts of them is not usual, there are some kind of humor and violence in his movies that you would not find them anywhere else.
Last year, Tarantino presented his last movie after 4-5 years. 'Kill Bill' - starring Uma Thurman, Michael Madsen, Lucy Liu, David Carradine and Darryl Hannah - was a 3 hour movie about a girl that some gangsters attacked her in her wedding and murdered everyone. But The Bride did not die and slept for 4 years in the hospital, and now she is back for revenge. She wants to kill all of the murderers, specially Bill, head of them.

Kill Bill presented in 2 parts and the first part was shown in Fajr Film Festival and then went on theaters in Tehran.
This work is a review on Kill Bill vol.1 and was published in Iran Jom'e, September 2004.